Technical Advisory for Prototype to Investment

Alphastate Advisory

Technical Guidance from Prototype to Investment


Building scaleable digital infrastructure since 1996.

We have helped build various SaaS based platforms from prototype to mature stable platforms that several industries rely on for fast and reliable delivery of media files. Worked with B2B vendors, and a $1B internal federated network with 10,000+ points of presence.

We are experts in delivering media files to micro-targeted audiences with highly sensitive mission-critical content.

We can help get your project off the ground, or help get you to the next growth level.




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We have built prototypes for world renown advertising agencies and award winning production houses. The projects have grown into marketing leading SaaS vendors, and cost saving internal systems

Information security

Information Security is an absolute necessity. Vendor selection, training, and monitoring can quickly turn into a mess of acronyms and poor execution.  We can help set up a smart robust program that is tailored to your business

Global Digital Distribution

We have years of experience optimizing existing infrastructures with a distributed user base to be consistently fast all over the globe.  Our team has years of experience making media heavy sites hum globally.

Technical Operations

Operations is much more than hosting and networking. We work with all business units and cross functional development team. Expertise ranges from forecasting budgets, consulting with enterprise sales, and building local and remote teams while maintaining quality and coding standards, technical guidance, and business use cases.


We are absolute experts in dealing with media.  Having built the first-in-class private digital distribution system, and market leading review and approval tools, media is at the core of everything we do.

Compliance and GRC

Compliance policies for the internet, software, and technology are constantly in flux.  Setting up a Compliance and Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) program can be a daunting task. We can help implement in a way that does not disrupt you current business practices.


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